Free Screening & Separator Test Lab

Midwestern has one of the most advanced testing facilities in the screening industry. We have dedicated over 10,000 square feet at our headquarters in Massillon, Ohio to helping our customers gain valuable insight into their screening processes. This facility can be used for new applications, as well as improving upon existing ones. If you would like to have a FREE full-scale test run on your material, just follow these simple steps:


  • Contact a Midwestern Sales & Service Screening Consultant:

Midwestern has the hands-on experience and knowledge you’re looking for to make qualified decisions. We will be available to go over the testing procedure and maintain constant contact with you during the process.

  • Fill Out a Screening Questionnaire:

A simple screening questionnaire will give us valuable insight into what you are trying to accomplish. Complete the form and attach it to the material. If you are unsure what to fill out, contact our sales personnel.

Download screening questionnaire
  • Send in Material:

We typically recommend a 55-gallon drum of material to be screened or separated. However, some tests can be run with a five-gallon bucket. Please send material prepaid.

  • Run Test:

We conduct tests on both rectangular screeners and round separators with the ability to change screen sizes quickly and efficiently. Midwestern welcomes you to be in attendance while the tests are being run. This will give you the opportunity to best understand the screener’s performance, as well as give you the chance to make adjustments quickly.

  • Review the Test Data:

Once the tests are completed, several result sheets are generated from the findings. Sieve analysis, rate sheet, and percentages of throughput, etc. are calculated and immediately made known to you. Your sales professional will review the results in detail with you and then make equipment recommendations or other suggestions.

Set Up Your Test

Midwestern believes this is the best tool for our customers to make informed decisions about their screening process. The simple act of sending in material can save you time and money by purchasing the right equipment the first time.

Video of Free Test Facility

Midwestern provides our customers with one of the most advanced testing facilities in the screening industry ⎯ FREE of charge.

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