Press Brake Bending Services

Midwestern Industries offers press brake bending services to our customers requiring these metal-fabricating services. We operate the most advanced press brake to assist our OEM customers to produce pressed metal forms needed to meet their custom fabricated metal parts requirements.


Midwestern’s press brake has tonnage capacities up to 230 tons.


Our press brake is capable of forming metals up to and including 0.25 inch.


We are capable of bending parts up to 14 feet in length.


Common pressed braked materials include: aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc, alloy steel, zinc, and titanium. To inquire about other metals, please call our office.

At Midwestern we show our commitment to our customers by investing in the latest technology and machinery to ensure accuracy on a consistent basis. Our advanced press brake includes options that will allow us to take your bending needs to the next level. Precision segmented tooling gives you more versatile bending options. Plus, the four-axis back gauge and auto-crown feature ensure the bend is accurate for the entire length of the piece.

Images of Press Brake
Download Press Brake Brochure

Midwestern’s Press Brake Bending Brochure includes all the technical details pertaining to our press brake services along with related relevant information.

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