Bag Dump Screening Station

Crafted to meet your bulk processing needs, the bag dump station is designed to easily scalp oversized contaminants from manually dumped bulk materials before entering the processing line. The bag dump station can be constructed to food, pharmaceutical and other industry standards.

The bag dump / screening station quickly and efficiently examines bagged materials for lumps and foreign matter before they enter the manufacturing process. The self-contained screening station includes a low-profile flow-thru separator, hood with vent, heavy-duty support screen and stand.

Bag contents flow through the bag-support screen and into the low-profile separator directly below. The separator’s scalping screen removes lumps and foreign matter. The bag support deck allows bags to be easily opened and emptied.

  • Reduce costly spillage and clean up
  • Can be finished to meet various industry standards
  • Reduce airborne particles

The bag dump station reduces costly spillage and cleaning along with reducing dust exposure.

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    Auto-CAD & Dimensions

    Midwestern offers the Bag Dump Screening Station in 24, 30 and 48-inch sizes.

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