Shaker Screen with Stainless Steel Tank

Make the most of your wastewater by installing a Shaker Screen and Stainless Steel Tank System. Increased concerns from city sewer systems mandating the reduction of suspended solids or implementing high surcharges make the Shaker Screen and Tank System a cost-effective way to enhance any commercial or industrial laundry system.

The Shaker Screen is an effective way to filter wastewater. The gyrating motion separates the suspended solids (lint, dirt, etc.) from the hot wastewater. All oversized material travels to the discharge chute where it can be disposed of properly.

To save valuable floor space, theShaker Screen can be mounted directly above the stainless steel tank. The screened hot wastewater is stored in the tank until pumped to the heat exchanger or pit. Incoming cold water is then brought to within five degrees of the wastewater.

Screened wastewater will maximize the heat exchanger’s efficiency and reduce the need for continual backwashing.

  • Shaker Screens available in 24”, 30”, 40”, 48”, and 60”
  • Large inventory of screen mesh
  • Reduce or eliminate wastewater surcharge and pit cleaning

Midwestern will work closely with you to establish the most effective configuration for your screening process.

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