Separator Frames ⎯ For Most Makes and Models

Midwestern services all your screening needs by manufacturing premium frames and accessories to fit most round vibratory separators. These items are designed to keep production levels high and downtime at a minimum. All of our frames are constructed to meet the demanding needs of the processing industry.

Midwestern manufactures our standard frames from a thicker gauge of steel while maintaining competitive prices, which gives you the best value – and a product that will last.

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Midwestern offers our customers a large variety of round separator parts that fit most makes and models.

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Instructional Video Series ⎯ Round Separators
Lower/Table Frame
Middle/Distributing Frame
Upper/Spacing Frame
Kleener Tray System

Utilizing plastic sliders in the Kleener Tray System will help reduce and eliminate blinding issues. This system is ideal for wet applications.

RAS System

Available in a low-profile, single or double deck design, the RAS system allows for the fines to fall through the screen while the oversized material gently cascades over the screen’s edge and into an inclined path to the discharge chute.

Diverter Frame

The Diverter Frame is useful when dealing with a high volume of undersize. After the material passes through the screen mesh, it is angled directly to the downspout for quick discharge.

Series Feed Frame

Specifically manufactured for high-capacity screening, the Series Feed Frame gives the user the ability to screen the material twice with one machine.

Ball Tray System

The Ball Tray Assembly will reduce blinding caused by damp material and near-size plugging of the sizing screen mesh.

Riser (base)

Available either at the time of purchase or to be retrofitted at a later time, the Riser can be constructed to meet your industry’s requirements.