Replacement Round Screens for Separators

Midwestern recognizes your need for one supplier to offer a wide variety of screens and parts for all your round vibratory separators ⎯ regardless of make or model. We work with our customers to ensure Midwestern offers the type of screens you want in the sizes you need.

Replacement Screens for Separators

Sizes range from 18 to 72 inches and can fit nearly every make and model of separators with various mounting methods – including strict food grade standards.

Clear Opening Screens

Midwestern offers clear opening screens and custom weaves not shown on our mesh chart. Speak to a sales professional for options and availability.

Ultrasonic Screens

In a constant effort to supply our customers with innovative screening options, we offer ultrasonic screens for various makes and models. Rescreening is also available.

Perforated Screens

Customized to meet your screening needs, our perforated screens come in a wide range of sizes and are available with round and slotted openings.

Sandwich Screens

Plastic sliders or rubber balls are sandwiched between a sizing screen and the backup mesh, providing added vibration dislodging near size particles and allowing material to flow more efficiently.

Bulls-Eye Screens

Applying silicone beads in a bulls-eye pattern between the sizing screen and backup mesh reduces friction while extending the life and performance of the screen.

Wagon Wheel Screens

Dense material on fine mesh screens and larger diameter screens can benefit from the added support provided by the wagon wheel design. These can be made to fit most makes and models of separators.

Custom Screen Options

As a manufacturer, not a reseller, Midwestern works with our customers to provide customized screening solutions. From nylon mesh to “white wall” screens, we supply unconventional screens for your application. Speak to a sales professional for options.

Instant Pricing

Midwestern makes it easy to get an instant quote for your replacement screens. For an instant quote, click here.

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Replacement Parts

Midwestern’s quality is unmatched … We offer competitive pricing and on-time deliveries for both replacement screens and parts.

Separator Frames

Midwestern manufactures premium frames and accessories to fit most round vibratory separators. These items are designed to keep production levels high and downtime at a minimum.

Ball Tray
The Ball Tray Assembly will reduce blinding caused by damp material and near-size plugging of the sizing screen mesh. Also, the secondary vibration caused by the bouncing balls against the sizing mesh helps stratify the material for greater throughput. The standard 2” Ball Tray (as illustrated) or optional Internal Ball Tray Systems are available. The Ball Tray Assembly can be installed on most makes of separators now in service.

Kleener Tray
The Kleener Tray clamps securely in place and does not interfere with screen changing. Its unique “Z” ring mounting provides unparalleled rigidity. The system can be used with or without a distribution pan and existing equipment can be easily converted to accept this system. The clip-in style operates more quietly than the perforated plate style.

RAS System
Available in a low-profile, single or double-deck design, the RAS System allows for the fines to fall through the screen while the oversized material gently cascades over the screen’s edge and into an inclined path to the discharge chute. This system is perfect for applications with a huge percentage of oversized material and slurries.

Diverter Frame
The Diverter Frame is useful when dealing with a high volume of undersize. After the material passes through the screen mesh, it is angled directly to the downspout for quick discharge. It can easily be implemented in both dry processing and liquid/solid applications.

Series Feed Frame
Specifically manufactured for high capacity screening, the Series Feed Frame gives the user the ability to screen the material twice with one machine.