Low-Profile Separator Screener

The Low-Profile Separator features a flow-through design effective for high capacity screening of dry and wet scalping application. The compact design allows the low-profile unit to easily be incorporated to existing product lines or be placed in “tight-fit” installations.

The two gyrating motors are positioned 180 degrees apart on external, adjustable side motor mounts, maximizing space and screening efficiency. The adjustable motor mounts enable strategic motor positioning, providing the best possible throughput and oversize discharge for a variety of scalping applications.

  • Compact size fits confined spaces
  • High capacity flow-through design
  • Screen wet or dry materials
  • Strategic motor placement
  • Available in many sizes

The Low-Profile Separator can accommodate high-temperature scalping applications due to the external motor placement. It is also available in many finishes suitable for food, pharmaceutical, dairy, and many more scalping processes.

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    Auto-CAD & Dimensions

    Midwestern offers our Low-Profile Separator Screener in 24, 30 and 48-inch sizes.

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