Screening Resource Center - Download Information

Midwestern has compiled an easy-to-find technical library showcasing many of our screening products, aftermarket parts and services. Please scroll through this page to find the information you are looking for and download the brochure to print (or save) for your reference.

Please note, some files may be large and could take some time to download depending on your Internet speed.

As always, should you have any questions regarding our screening products, please feel free to contact us.

General Reference Materials
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    Corporate Brochure

    Our corporate brochure features all of our equipment, parts and services. Additionally, Midwestern has translated our sizing brochure in both Spanish and French.

    Corporate Brochure Spanish – Translated

    French – Translated
  • Wire Mesh Chart

    Wire Mesh Chart

    The wire mesh chart is a great reference tool when determining the screen size for your application.

    Wire Mesh Chart
  • screening and sizing questionnaire for test lab

    Screening Questionnaire

    Midwestern offers our customers a FREE test facility to assist in determining the best screening equipment for their application. The screening questionnaire is the first step in that process.

    Screening Questionnaire
  • Custom Wire Weaver

    Wire Cloth Book

    As a custom wire weaver, Midwestern can work with you to create both standard and custom screen options that best fit your screening application. We weave screens for both our equipment as well as other makes and models.

    Wire Cloth Book
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    Rectangular Screening Equipment

    Midwestern provides a comprehensive overview of all its rectangular screening equipment and their capabilities.

    Rectangular Brochure
  • Laser and Press Brake Bending Brochure

    Laser / Press Brake Services Brochure

    Midwestern offers laser cutting and press brake bending services for both large and small job shop applications. We will work with you to perform accurate and reliable services to keep your production running smoothly.

    Laser/Press Brake Brochure
Aftermarket Screens and Parts
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    Replacement Screens & Parts

    Download our brochure giving an overview of our round screens and capabilities

    • Competitive pricing
    • Our screens fit most models of screeners
    Replacement Screens & Parts Brochure
  • Separator Frames

    Separator Frames

    Midwestern’s screen frames are made of thick gauge and can fit most makes and models of round screening equipment.

    Separator Frames Brochure
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    Wire Cloth Screens

    Rectangular screening panels are custom made to fit any screener – no matter the model, size or hook.

    Wire Cloth Screens Brochure
Equipment Specific Literature
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    MR Separator

    Distinct design features allow the MR Series vibratory separator to produce a consistent and accurate product.

    MR Separator Brochure
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    ME Separator

    An adjustable motor mounting system allows for greater product control and minimal maintenance requirements. Precision screening is accomplished by utilizing a unique weight system to manipulate flow patterns.

    ME Separator Brochure
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    MEV® Screener

    This versatile screener comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate your screening application.

    • 1 to 5 screening decks available
    • Quick screen changes
    MEV® Screener Brochure
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    Multi-Vib® Screener

    A powerful and rugged screener built for tough applications with a more compact design.

    • 3 or 5 screening decks available
    • Quick screen changes
    Multi-Vib® Screener Brochure
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    Low-Profile Separator

    The low profile separator features a flow-thru design effective for high capacity screening of dry and wet scalping applications.

    • Compact size fits confined spaces.
    • Strategic motor placement
    Low-Profile brochure
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    Porta-Sifter® Screener

    Designed for easy mobility, the Porta Sifter is a great solution for screening materials with minimal oversize.

    • Many mounting options
    • inexpensive sifting solution
    Porta-Sifter Brochure
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    Bag-Dump Station

    Quickly examine bagged materials for foreign materials before they enter the manufacturing process. With the low-profile and the flow-thru design, the bag-dump station will easily fit into your screening process.

    Bag-Dump Brochure
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    Uni-Rod® Scalper/Screener/Grizzly

    The self-cleaning Uni-Rod with two-decks provides high hourly output and low machine downtime.

    Uni-Rod Brochure
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    MR-7 Conveyor Screener

    Highly-efficient design is specially engineered for conveyor-type installations with end-tensioned panels that can be changed in just minutes.

    MR-7 Screener Brochure
  • Universal Vibrating screener separator

    Universal Screener

    The Universal screener is a great way to screen a multitude of wet, damp, dry or sticky materials and dewatering applications.

    • Rugged construction and compact design
    Universal Brochure
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    Uniflex Screener

    Available in single or double deck models, the Uniflex is ideal for continuous or batch screening.

    • Many mounting options
    • Inexpensive sifting solution
    Uniflex Brochure
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    Univibe Screener

    Designed for easy mobility, the Univibe is a great solution for screening materials with minimal oversize.

    • Two models available
    • Easily Portable
    Univibe Brochure