Ultra-Vib Vibrating Screener

Midwestern’s Ultra-Vib Screener is a rugged, quality-built machine, utilizing a high-frequency, straight-line motion that gives excellent liquid/solid separation.

The Ultra-Vib uses a pre-tensioned screen cloth mounted on a steel square tube frame. The screen frame assemblies are easy to install and remove without the use of any tools. Spring-loaded clamps on the outside of the box hold the screen panels in place.

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    Focuses on all of our rectangular screening equipment.

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    Free Test Facility

    To better serve our customers, Midwestern offers our full-scale test facility free of charge.

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    Auto-CAD & Dimensions

    The Ultra-Vib Screener can easily be installed in your process.

Instructional Videos
Change End-Tension Screen

Midwestern’s rectangular screening equipment features end-tension screens that take only 15 minutes to change! The high-frequency screeners require low levels of maintenance but can still screen a variety of materials.

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Test Lab Feature

Midwestern’s test facility is perfect for determining if the Porta Sifter Screener is right for your specific application. Our full-scale test facility is a free service we provide to our customers.

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Aftermarket Parts
We Supply ALL Your Screens and Parts!

Midwestern’s commitment to providing our customers with outstanding screening products continues with our full line of replacement rectangular screens. Our screens are manufactured to fit all makes and models of screeners.

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