Industries Served / Applications

Meeting the needs of our customers:

Midwestern is known to many throughout the screening industry as “The Sizing People”®. We have developed this reputation due to our extensive experience successfully screening thousands of applications. From fine particle separation to scalping large rocks, it’s a good chance Midwestern has equipment in processing facilities throughout the globe making the products and services you use on a daily basis.

Midwestern has the ability to screen and separate particles from 20 microns and up. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing precision manufacturing techniques in addition to screening accessories that allow for optimal performance.

Below are a few examples of the industries we commonly serve at Midwestern; however, if you have an application that needs special attention, please contact us.


Leading edge technology and material processes drive this industry to supply a wide range of consumable goods primarily for healthcare. Research, discovery, and development push engineers to design efficient facilities that utilize the best manufacturing practices available including strict sanitation requirements and ultrafine screening techniques.

Food & Beverage:

From farming and food production to packaging and distribution this industry is continually developing new ways to entice our appetites and feed our cravings. With standards and practices strictly regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Association), companies turn to their suppliers for high-quality, stainless steel processing equipment. Midwestern has certified 3A equipment.

Shot Peening:

Shot peening is a valuable process used to modify mechanical properties of metals. Often called for in aircraft repairs to relieve tensile stresses, shot peening can increase fatigue life from 0% to 1,000%. Reclaiming “used” shot can help to reduce overall cost while minimizing waste.


Responsible for moving nearly three billion tons of sand, stone, and gravel per year, the aggregate industry depends on rugged and dependable shaker equipment to supply its end users with quality material meeting specific particle size requirements.


With EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and social concerns growing, the demand for products to remove particles from wastewater (parts per million) are greater than ever. By screening wastewater and removing its contaminants, laundries reduce or eliminate costly pit cleaning; additionally, they may pump the water to a heat exchanger.


Polymer science is providing innovative solutions for nearly every industry from advancing healthcare and aerospace to transportation and packaging. By manipulating and forming polymer resigns and rubber and by recycling existing products, the plastics industry utilizes the latest in sifter screening to create uniform particles.

Brick & Clay:

Building a strong foundation for this industry is the advancement in technology and techniques, and also the hard-working and evolving grinding room. Efficiently turning raw clay, sand, and stone into usable ingredients, the combination of crushers and screeners work concurrently to maintain supply.

Powdered Metals:

Due to new advancements in metal powders, equipment, and processes, powder metal suppliers are developing new materials and achieving higher densities and improved properties. As a critical first step in manufacturing PM goods, the screening of fine powders with ultrasonic technology has greatly increased.


Ceramics can be found in structural products, whitewares, and even microchips and automotive components. This industry is continually growing and evolving to adapt to its end users needs. Particle size separation is a vital step to ensure quality and purity of the finished product.